Like all great experiences, food has always been a way to discover something new, to enjoy something unexpected and wonderful.

Over the years, Chef Ricci has translated some of his greatest experiences into the dishes he creates — from simple comfort food to the radical, the surprising and the unique.

Here are some of those dishes. We hope you share the same level of joy in creating them that he did in experiencing them.

Spaghetti Con Cicoria

  Let me make your holiday entertaining less complicated. Here is a simple Christmas pasta dish that always tastes amazing and requires only 3 ingredients. Throw in some bread, a salad, a bottle of wine and enjoy. You are welcome!…

Pasta Carbonara

This dish from Rome has so many versions, yet we all think that our own is the best. Carbonara has a variety of origin stories but its first published appearance was in an English language cookbook ‘Italian Food’ by Elizabeth David in 1954. Regardless of its history, when one speaks of Pasta Carbonara, it is inarguably the dish of Rome.

Fall Risotto of Pumpkin

Perfect for a cold night, easy and done in 45 minutes. Just be careful using store-bought chicken broth as it can have a lot of salt and this dish will get salt as well from the added cheese. But it’s delicious, tasty and simple, and if you want you can also toss in some wild mushrooms for a hearty dish.

The Mafia Muffin

I got this from Alma, a great friend and mentor. Alma pushed me to cook and our love for cooking was amazing and something I dearly miss. I still make these bad boys at Bistro 7501 for our breakfast menu but, as pictured here, with a bagel.